Back to December by

Back to DecemberBack to December
written by Heather McCoubrey
published by Heather McCoubrey

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About the book – from Goodreads: Thanks to an abusive mother and an absent father, Anna Blackhurst has only known the love of two people: her Gram and her best friend, Niki.

When Anna meets Cooper Reed in a smoky club, she’s immediately drawn to his good looks but isn’t prepared to open herself up to a relationship. As time passes, Anna finds herself falling in love with Cooper and she begins to rethink her future. Maybe, despite her childhood, she can have a happy-ever-after.

But when her mother is in a terrible accident, she again sinks her claws into Anna and Anna’s world is thrown upside down. Despite Cooper’s unwavering support, Anna walks away only to regret it immediately. In order to heal, not only herself, but her broken relationship, Anna must stand up for herself and accept that the only way she’s going to be happy is if she grabs ahold of it herself.

My Opinion:

This book was quite a whirlwind. I found that the mental health featured in this book, anxiety played a major role in this novel. As readers, we step into the skin of someone who faces this every day at a such a high level of anxiety.

Anna was a great character and I loved the relationship she shared with Cooper. Although I also felt like this book dragged on for a but and at points were a bit stale. Niki and Anna’s relationship was written well although I would have wanted more backstory on their past so it could give a chilling comparison to how Anna is affected by her mother when is an adult.

Anna and her mother share a toxic relationship and with Anna’s need for love from a parent, she struggles to cope with her mother’s behavior towards Anna. The plot was a good one. It was scary to see how someone could manipulate a person’s mind so easily and Heather McCoubrey did a great job of that.

Overall I recommend this book to adults and perhaps 17+ if you are feeling for a heavy book. I had it’s ups and downs and I did hope for more from this book but it was good in general.


heather mccoubreyAbout the author: Heather McCoubrey is a native of Maine, but having moved all over the U.S. as a child, she doesn’t sound like one. She’s been writing since middle school when a teacher taught her she could create her own stories instead of just reading them. That year she had some of her first poems published in the school magazine and from there she graduated to writing a full-length novel in high school.

Heather is the self-published author of To Love Twice, Back to December, and Emily’s Choice. She also contributed a short story for A Kind of Mad Courage: Short Stories about Mothers (S)mothers and Others anthology. All proceeds go to the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation for AI disorders.
Heather resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, three children, T. Rex the chihuahua, and Psycho Killer the outside cat. When she’s not being super-mom and wife, she ekes out time to write, watch football and MMA, practice her British accent, and dream of living on an island where it’s seventy-five degrees year-round.

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